Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Dolls' house inventory: Part Four

My loves, I'm afraid that this is very photo-heavy!  I did think about splitting these remaining photos into two posts but I told you last time that there would only be one more inventory post to come ~ hope you aren't all too tired of my collection of dolls' house miniatures ;-) 

From my point of view, though, this has been a very worthwhile exercise sweetie~pies.  It's given me the opportunity to sort out all the things I've gathered together and in the main, I have re-packed everything like-with-like as much as possible.  Hopefully this will make it a tad easier to select what I want to put in my upcoming projects when they are completed :-)

I am starting to get very excited now, my loves, as I can make a start on those projects I keep mentioning ~ look out for a new post soon!

1 comment:

Drora's minimundo said...

An awesome collection. It will surely keep you busy in miniland for quite a time. I loved following your photos. It was as if going windowshopping. Mini hugs