Thursday, 7 April 2011

Well, I did say there were more ;-)

Some more of my fashion doll collection, my loves.  Are you bored yet ;-)

I'm rather fond of these Camay dolls, sweetie~pies, so they most definitely found a place in the 'keep' pile!

Starting with the doll in the long floral gown, we have: Dottie; Hester; Lily.

I have something of a soft spot for a lot of the clone fashion dolls, my loves ~ well, the more vintage ones at any rate.  I particularly love the ones with the white-blonde hair! 

Starting with the girl in the lacy bloomers, we have: Stella; Betty; Cordelia.  Betty looks rather like she is channeling Betty Paige ~ hence the choice of name ;-D

More clones.  The dolly in the green trousers has the most fabulous hair colour, don't you think!

Starting with the girl in the rather racy lace dress, we have: Daphne; Celia; Hilary; Judith

This is Colette and she is a Joe Tai doll.  Isn't she just gorgeous!

Lorna, sweetie~pies, is a Petra Star doll by Plasty.  She looks quite like Sindy, don't you think?

This is Oonagh, who is a Simba doll. She has such a sweet and pretty face :-)

These are all miscellaneous dolls, which simply have "Made in Hong Kong" stamped on their backs!

Starting with the young lady in the green coat, we have: Marla; Susannah; Rita

More miscellaneous girlies :-)

Starting with the smiley young lady in the jaunty blue hat, we have: Hetty; Belinda; Hazel.  Hetty is very.....interesting ;-)  I shall try to remember to show you a very candid shot I took of her!

Patience is another miscellaneous dolly ~ and I have to confess that I had a change of heart during my mass sort-out and rescued her from the rehoming box!

These are all Mattel dolls and once again, I would be very grateful for help with identification please my loves!  I must admit that I 'rescued' these four little ladies from the rehoming box, too ;-)

Starting with the girl in the white nightgown, we have: Deborah; Audrey; Martine; Selina


These are both Integrity dolls ~  Jacqueline (in the lilac suit) and Giselle.

And finally, sweetie~pies ~ for this post at least! ~ we have these two pretty little ladies.  I don't really know much about them, to be honest,  they just have "M&C" on their backs. They are lovely dolls, though, with a nice 'weighty' sort of feel to them.

We have Heidi in the red checked dress and Eva in the floral :-)

I still have a few more fashion doll photos to share but we are on the homeward stretch now, I promise!

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