Friday, 5 November 2010

Beautiful, gorgeous fabric.....

I bought this lovely pair of vintage curtains with the idea of putting them up at the landing window during the summer months. Now that I've got them, though, I'm not entirely sure that they will be big enough! Still, I will be able to use them somewhere I'm sure ;-)

The main body of both curtains is in lovely, good condition but the cotton lace insert does show signs of wear. I think that just adds to their charm :-)

Isn't this piece of vintage fabric sweet, dear readers?? I haven't decided what to use it for just yet so it will sit in my stash until I get a flash of inspiration!

How about the sweet print on this piece of 1970s fabric ~ nice, yes?? I'm saving it for next summer, when I'm going to make a skirt from it.

Another piece of vintage fabric :-) Well, I say 'vintage' but the date on the selvage is only 1978! I have to confess, dear readers, that I find it jolly hard to think of the 60s and 70s as 'vintage' years. Do you think that it may be because I was born in 1961 so I must be 'vintage' myself ;-)
This was a fab buy as I got a lot of this gorgeous fabric for my money. It was described by the seller as nursery fabric for some reason. It's called The Dippers and is from GP & J Baker. It will go in my stash for a little while but I have it in mind to make curtains for the dining room from it :-)

I was looking for vintage lace and trims for some projects I have planned and I came across this gorgeous vintage wallhanging from Sweden. All my good intentions for The Challenge went right out the window and I promptly put in a bid *blush* At least it's vintage.....

And just look at the back of the wallhanging ~ how fantastically neat and tidy is that! When I compare it to the tapestries I've made over the years, I just want to hang my head in shame and weep LOL
It's so hard to resist temptation, dear readers ~ but at least I 'fessed up ;-)

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