Wednesday, 3 November 2010

The eternal optimist!

I can't quite decide whether Amber is dropping hints or if it's just wishful thinking on her part ~ she keeps plonking herself down in front of the wood-burner, even when it isn't lit! Still you have to admire her optimistic outlook on life ;-)

Alas, poor Mr Pumpkin has finally met his doom! I pulled myself together and cut him up with that big 'ole knife. As you already know, I've been putting it off because he just looked so nice with my kitchen ornaments. Still, the deed really did have to be done before he was only good for the compost heap ~ and after all, I did buy him especially for the girls! So the little darlings had a quarter of Mr Pumpkin to share today and in the process of opening up their run to hand over the treasure, I nearly got mown down by five chickens dashing out the henhouse, each one aiming to stick her pecky little beak into as much juicy pumpkin flesh as she possibly could!

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