Monday, 22 November 2010

So here it is, folks.....

.....purple mashed potatoes! Adrian made a shepherd's pie for dinner on Saturday and, of course, he used those purple potatoes ;-) The pale flecks are pieces of grated cheese, by the way.

It was very tasty but I'm still trying to get used to the purple tatties! To make it even more colourful, Adrian added a layer of mashed sweet potatoes as well :-)

Mashed, baked, roasted.....I really like sweet potatoes. I sometimes give one a blast in the 'ole microwave for lunch ~ it makes a nice change from sandwiches!

Whilst we are here in the kitchen, I thought I would show you these two poor little geraniums. I brought them in from the garden last weekend, after I turfed them out of their pot so I could plant some pansies. They looked terribly sad but were still green, despite the cold weather and frosts we've been having. So I took pity and brought them in to share the kitchen windowsill with their friend in the photo below :-) I know they don't look like much but they are definitely growing, so I'm hoping they will thrive now that they are indoors.

This is the geranium I brought in a little while back. Those buds are developing pretty fast! One day they were tucked in right down beneath the leaves, and the next (or so it seemed) they had shot up. Hopefully the two little plants I brought in last week will thrive like this sweet little geranium :-)

My Mum told me that her Grandma had a mass of geraniums right across her living room windowsill. They must have looked so pretty when they were in flower :-)

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Caroline said...

Purple is my favourite colour, along with orange and the 'correct' colour green, but I am not sure I could get my head around eating purple potatoes!

Never like geraniums myself.